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Even though I have been writing for many years, I can officially consider myself an author. It’s funny how the mind processes information and categorizes things. I have been writing creatively, ghostwriting content for a client’s cosmetic surgery web page and had well over 100 blog posts (almost 10 years ago).  It’s only when I’ve finished writing my book that I can acknowledge that I am an official author.

The idea of writing a book was triggered while I was going through my self-healing journey that started in March of this year (2018).  As a child, I was abused on multiple occasions, which created emotional wounds that have carried over into my adult life.  During my first therapy session, it was suggested that I try writing in a journal/notebook to see what comes up. Whatever came up, we could discuss during the next session.

I ended up writing a letter to my 9-year-old self, my inner child. That part of me needed a voice, wanted to be heard and needed to be consoled. That act of writing alone was a big breakthrough for me. It was during my second therapy session that the seed was planted, maybe I should tell my story. I have nothing to lose by sharing my experience with others. If anything I hope that my experience can help someone start their healing journey.

The writing process from start to finish took less than three weeks. Right now my book is going through the final editing phase and there will be a few minor adjustments to make before I send the final version to KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing. At which point my book will be available through Amazon Kindle as an e-book or as a paperback (printed on demand). Once that is launched I will post a link here to help promote it. If all goes as planned the launch date should be early July.

Finger crossed!~ Hannah

Buy your copy of Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor here.

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