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I made the choice last night to return to blogging. As I have mentioned previously, writing has proven to be therapeutic for me. I need a creative outlet to express how I feel, a way to get my thoughts out (regardless of how scattered they may be).  While Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with my friends/family, it is not the best platform for calling things as you ( I ) see it.

Many people tend to make things about them, or take things personally when it’s not meant for anyone in particular. People get offended, they hold grudges and I have come to a point where I feel that I can not share things openly without someone (again, no one in particular) but someone always getting offended or feels that I am attacking them personally, (when that was not my intention).  So, blogging is my solution for that.  I would just like to say for the record that if I don’t tag you specifically or message you personally, then chances are, my post was not meant for you directly.

Please keep in mind that I have roughly 120 “friends” some of which will be inspired by the quote or post I share. A handful of my “friends” will relate and hopefully, it will bring a smile to their face. Some of my “friends” will know that I do read everything, I am listening, and I am available to listen to them should they want to talk. That is my intention. I am a mediator and take pride bringing people together. Listening to both sides and finding a solution that appeals to both parties.

I’m tired of playing the passive aggressive games with those who are cowards and sling insults from their keyboard and then back peddle when they are confronted about their passive aggressive post(s). I will not tolerate that here on my personal blog, nor will I tolerate any form of discriminating/racist comments. I will be the first to admit that I am very opinionated and I have no issue admitting when I am wrong.

If something I posted resonated with you and you took offense, I can’t control how you react. If I see/know someone who is being abused (verbally, emotionally, or otherwise) I will step in and insert myself because I recognize that not all victims have the courage to speak up for themselves. I was one of them and wished that someone had stepped in on my behalf. I will not apologize for helping someone that doesn’t have the strength/courage to help themselves.

I am a firm believer of, “See something, Say something” because I know first hand what it is like to not be heard and the cries for help go unnoticed. I’d rather insert myself and be proven wrong/false alarm than to witness something and turn a blind eye to the situation. I believe in being part of the solution, not part of the problem. Just my two cents. ~ Hannah

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