Who is Hannah Reinbeck?

Some of you may be wondering, Who is Hannah Reinbeck?

Allow me to start at the beginning.  I was born and raised in New England. I have learned to mention New England instead of Massachusetts because most people have a general idea of the geographic location. The popular response tends to be, “Oh! You’re from Boston, but wait a minute, you don’t have an accent.”

It’s just easier to let people assume I’m from somewhere along the Northeastern seaboard than to answer “No, I am not from Boston.” I am in fact, from Western Massachusetts, closer to the New York border at the opposite end of the state. To which I usually get a confused look because that area is not as well known as the state capital.

It was at the end of November of 2009 when I moved to Canada as a permanent resident. I married a Canadian and it made more sense for me to make the big move and jump through all of the immigration hoops. That is a story for another day.  For those inquiring minds, I have all of the same rights as a Canadian citizen, except I can’t vote or serve on a jury. Yes, I can still vote for the US President, and Yes I still have to file a US tax return each year even if I didn’t make anything for the US government to take. That is also another story for later.

I consider myself a “Jane of all trades” because I am knowledgeable in many areas, such as: Automotive maintenance – How to fix them and what makes them tick, I am a self-taught Baker and I took the Wilton Cake Decorating courses (absolutely loved it), I am certified in First Aid/CPR adult and infant at a Health Care Professional level.  I have my Food Safe Handling certificate, Certified Bookkeeper, Certified Phlebotomist (which didn’t pan out, another story for later), and I have my license to operate a personal watercraft/boat but have yet to use it. Seemed like a good idea and it doesn’t expire.

What am I doing now for work? I’m glad that you asked! I’m in between a semi-retired phase and having to go back to work part-time.  I’m not making sales on my book until after it’s launched, which if all goes well, will be at the end of June or early July. I am scheduled to start my new position at the local Bakery Department on Tuesday to help makes ends meet. I will do that for as long as my back/body will allow.  I tried getting back into the workforce in September of last year, but I was only able to get through 3 weeks until my back couldn’t handle it.

This time around I’m going in and working at my own pace. Not because I’m lazy, but because I have nothing to prove. This environment appears to be slower paced with less product to put out, compared to what I was used to, so I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be happy if I can work 3 shifts per week for as long as I need this second source of income. While I do have confidence in my book sales, I am not putting all of my eggs in that basket, just yet.

At this point it’s about the quality of life. Due to my scoliosis and having pushed myself too hard for so many years, my back had enough in April 2016. My employer at the time was unwilling accomadate my limitations and demanded that I push myself because I didn’t look injured. * NEWSFLASH * There are many injuries/illnessess/diseases that are not visible. Just because you can’t see my “S” curve, doesn’t mean I’m not in pain. I was unwilling to compromise my spine and risk further injury or paralysis, so I was forced to quit that job.

I have been able to stretch my chiropractic appointments to once a month, and I am willing to go twice a month maximum as long as I can still work part-time. If I have to get more than two treatments per month it is no longer in my favor to keep working. Each visit is $46, so spending almost $200/month for a weekly adjustment just to work part time doesn’t make sense to me.

What else can I share? I enjoy crocheting, which I learned last July from watching a youtube video. I also have two pugs, super cute I know! Both girls are 7-years-old, we were warned not to get two females. We should have listened, but we love them and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Yes, our pugs are a story for another day, but I will share share some pictures, because I can.

While there is a lot I could share with my almost 40 years of experience, by 40 I mean 20 for the second time. I don’t want to spoil my book as there is a lot of information and oversharing taking place there. Whatever isn’t covered in the book will make for good blog posts in the near future.

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know me, I hope to get to know all of you.

Enjoy your weekend. ~ Hannah



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