scoliosis/subluxation, Work

Permanent Restrictions

Good Morning World,

Just to continue a bit from my last blog post, I did have my appointment with my Chiropractor and was able to get the Fitness Assessment form filled out.

Diagnosis: Lumbar & Thoracic mechanical joint dysfunction, secondary to scoliosis.

Symptoms: Pain, Inflammation, decreased mobility.

Does patient have any significant physical impairment at this time: YES

What are the restrictions/capabilities:

Walking, No restriction/ Standing, As tolerated/ Sitting, As tolerated/ Lifting floor to waist, less than 5kg or 10 pounds/ Lifting waist to shoulder, less than 10kg or 20 pounds/ Ladder climbing, 2or 3 steps while keeping lifting to a minimum.

Limitations: Bending, twisting and lifting only as tolerated, No repetitive stocking of shelves, No above the shoulder activity, No pushing or pulling carts or skids that are loaded in excess of 50 pounds.

Is this condition permanent: YES

Additional Concerns/Restrictions: No repetitive bending, twisting, lifting, reaching above the shoulders, if possible schedule shorter shifts (less than 8 hours/day) and space them out.

There you have it. It’s basically what I had explained to my manager on Wednesday. I’m scheduled for a stocking shift today, so we’ll see how that plays out.

My restrictions don’t stop me from doing the tasks of a Baker, which is what the 5am-1:30pm shift is. I just can’t work more than two days in a row without having a day off in between. Having a shock absorbing mat behind the baker’s table wouldn’t hurt either. Right now there isn’t one and the employees are standing on concrete for their eight hour shifts.

Wish me luck ~ Hannah

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