Final Edit is Complete!

What a long day it’s been. I started working on my final editing phase around 10am and finished going through 200 pages at 7:30pm.  I’m really excited that the only items on the To Do List are getting the front cover sized and doing a final edit on the layout to ensure the spacing is as it should be and the table of contents matches the page listed.

Otherwise, my account on KDP is set up and I still need to acquire an ISBN for the paperback option. If all goes as planned, I should be able to launch my first book on July 1st.  Here’s hoping there are no unforeseen issues with submitting my written work to Amazon in their Kindle format.

This may be the shortest blog post from me to date. Please forgive me, but I need to force myself to sleep so I can work my super early morning shift tomorrow. Booooo…..

More book launch updates to come ~ Hannah

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