Soon to be Published!

Wow! What a long day it’s been. Long, frustrating and exciting at the same time.

My idea of thinking ahead may have been the cause of the setbacks I encountered this afternoon. I decided to use the KDP 5×8 template as I intended to release my written work as a paperback as well as an e-book. I figured by doing so I wouldn’t have any issues with spacing or the overall layout if I submit my final document set to their template.

The document was sent off for approval and when I had the chance to preview it; I noticed that the spacing between the paragraphs had changed as well as the page numbers on the Table of Contents were off. There were a few blank pages inserted at random so the pages that were all out of whack. It took four hours to figure out how to fix that mess. Most of the spacing issues had to do with the footers and having to delete the section breaks and removing the page numbers only to add them back.

The one positive note about having to go through all of that is that I caught a few more minor mistakes that Grammarly missed. I had to use Microsoft Word to work out the changes and saw the minor errors that Grammarly didn’t pick up. Unfortunately, I had already submitted the e-book version before those last minute changes were made. Once that goes live, I’ll have to update the e-book to avoid any possible negative reviews. At least the paperback version will be error free, so that is a bonus.

I ordered a Proof Copy which should arrive in a few days. I’m pretty excited to see the end result and share a picture with all of you.

Once both versions are live and ready to sell; I’ll post a link. ~ Hannah

Click here to get your copy of Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor

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