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Made my first e-book sale!

Good Morning Blog Readers (assuming I have a few),

I just wanted to share a bit of good news. As I mentioned in the last blog post; my written work is finally live on Amazon and is available as an e-book and paperback. It was quite a thrill to receive the emails letting me know that both versions were live and made available to the general public. As you might imagine I was logging onto my KDP account frequently to see if any sales had been made and wondering how quickly a transaction would get posted.

While I didn’t have any sales as of yesterday, I woke up to see that I did make one e-book sale sometime after midnight (Eastern Standard Time). To be more specific it was a Kindle Unlimited version where I get a small (fraction of a royalty) for each page that is turned. What’s great is that KDP shows how many pages, just not where geographically the sale was made. If it does, I’m just not aware of that data.

My husband poked fun a bit yesterday, reminding me that a watched pot never boils. He’s right, but I had worked hard putting my book together and doing my best to promote it through social media. It was hard to pull away and stop checking the status. At the very least, my written work is out in the world and my voice will be heard. I imagine that most authors hope to sell thousands of copies and make it on a Best Sellers list. If I only sell that one copy, I hope that it helps that person in some way.

Thank you, mystery reader for buying the first copy! ~ Hannah

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