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Second book sale made!

Good morning or afternoon blog readers,

I wanted to share a bit of news with all of you. Since my book launched last week, I have been checking the status/sales every day to see if my attempts at marketing are working.

I have made my second paperback sale!! So that’s exciting.  After poking around on the KDP sales history dashboard, I found that I can see where (roughly) the two e-book sales were made. Technically those are not official e-book sales, but rather Kindle Unlimited so I do get a fraction of a cent per page that is turned for the first time. As of today, a total of 136 pages have been turned between the two readers.

What I find funny is that I ordered my Proof Copy (a paperback version that will have a Not For Resale banner on the front cover 10 days ago and still have yet to receive it. Meanwhile, the two paperback copies that were ordered after have already been printed and shipped to my readers. At least my readers are getting prompt service 🙂

It’s nice knowing that my story has reached four readers since it was released 10 days ago. I’m eager to read their feedback and hopefully they’ll post an honest review on Amazon.

That’s all for now ~ Hannah

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