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Political Venting

Good day blog readers,

I usually try to avoid topics that are political. I can respect your choice and views that are different from my own especially if you provide proof that helps to make your point.

What I don’t like are those people that share their views based on hatred and ignorance alone. They don’t do any research, they jump on the bandwagon and spew their vile comments while passing judgment on others.

Do I have any experience in politics? No.  Am I a registered voter? As a US citizen, Yes. As a permanent resident of Canada, I do not have the right to vote in this country.

While I don’t claim to support the Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Green, Independent or any other party 100%; My voting in the past was for the Democratic candidates B. Clinton, Obama, and H. Clinton.  For me, they all seemed to be the lesser of two evils. Especially in the last election where the options were a businessman/celebrity with seemingly no political experience or a woman who has devoted her entire career to politics and has experience as a first lady.

One of the big topics for discussion as it relates to Trump is his way of handling the illegal immigrants and separating the children from their families. I do not agree with his methods, and I don’t see how this is a solution.  Many supporters are quick to admit and point out that Bush and Obama did the same thing while in office, as a justification as to why it’s perfectly okay. I don’t feel that this method is okay at all. In fact, I am quick to remind those that do agree with Trump that just because that is how other presidents handled this issue, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

Children born in the US are US citizens, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter where their parents are from, what country they fled to reside in the USA. Those children are US citizens. I feel that Trump’s actions are just another means of bullying to get what he wants. I’d like to know if the children are given the option to stay with family in the US before they are forcefully removed from their parents. In the end, it’s those children that are innocent that will suffer.

There is such a negative stigma around immigrants, which I don’t agree with. I’m going to be brutally honest, so prepare yourself…….. If you are not 100% Native American (any tribe), then you come from a line of immigrants.  Why are we (as a society) so hung up on people (refugees) that leave their country (often by force) to have the chance at a better life? Would you not do the same if your country was at war and that war was in your backyard?

When America prides itself on being the land of the free, a land of opportunity where do you think refugees will want to start their lives if given the chance?

Refugees come the the USA to start a better life, to get away from the war, terror, and violence. They come over to a country where they have to learn to speak, read, write a new language. They come to the USA to work, to be independent, to provide for their families even if that means working a shitty job for shitty pay 40+ hours each week. That is called determination.

Rather than tearing families apart, why not help the immigrants by expediting the paperwork process? They just want to continue working and living just as the rest of us. Contrary to what the popular belief is, they are not stealing our jobs nor are they a hindrance to the healthcare system. Undocumented immigrants are unlikely to call attention to themselves or their family for fear of being deported.

The advancement of technology, outsourcing out of country, and the economy are the main reasons for the lack of jobs. Obesity, heart disease and people going the to ER for their case of the sniffles is a hindrance to the healthcare system.

As with most things, politics is one of those where you either agree or you don’t. I’m perfectly fine with a difference of opinion, I just don’t understand the name calling, the slinging of insults or the constant pointing of fingers. No matter if Hillary won, people would still be acting the same way and bashing her for her efforts.

We are adults, let’s start acting like it! Choose to be part of the solution and stop being part of the problem. Don’t be afraid to suggest other options, better solutions especially if the way thing are being handled isn’t humane, civil and continues to traumatize the younger generation.

Just my two cents….. ~Hannah


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