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Free promotional deal, falls short.

Welcome back blog readers,

Over the last week or so I often come up with various topics that I’d like to discuss. I really need to start writing those ideas down as I tend to forget some of them before I have the chance to sit down at my computer. With that said and no real segway or introduction I’ll start with the first topic that comes to mind.

Some of you may know that I ran a free promotion for my e-book on Amazon earlier this week. I did my best to advertise the freebie on Facebook, Twitter, and here on this blog.  The ads that I placed on Twitter and Facebook worked great in the sense that the ad was shown to over 15 thousand people. That’s crazy! How many of those 15 thousand people took advantage of my promotion?


Not exactly what I expected.

The idea for running the free promotion was to gain exposure, CHECK. Thousands of people all over the world saw the ad. I was able to target specific areas in which the Facebook ad would be seen, which I like over Twitter. On the other hand, the ad on Twitter casts a wider net. I did gain more “friends” from my facebook ad, and it’s safe to say that it was most of those readers that took advantage of the free e-book.

Another point to the free promotion was to gain readers, CHECK. My book was downloaded 19 times during the first day, which I thought would only increase, but that didn’t happen. I have to admit that my husband was right (again) and I should have had the free promotion run for one day, not five days.

The most important point in setting up the free promotion was reciprocation. I give away my e-book for free, those interested have the chance to get a free copy and in turn, after reading they would leave an honest review either on here, my Facebook page, on Twitter, on Amazon (preferably), or on Goodreads.

I’m still waiting for the first review.

While it is okay to dream and have expectations of what might become of all of the effort that I’ve put into this; I have to maintain some perspective. Did I expect to see 100+ free downloads? You bet! Am I disappointed that it wasn’t as popular as I thought it might be? You bet! But I’m not going to give up yet.

I’ve been considering turning my book into an audio version. Probably within the next few weeks, I’ll turn my workspace into more of a recording studio and narrate my book. While I could hire a professional voice actor to do it, I really do take pride in seeing this project all of the way through. Nobody knows my story better than I do and feel that I owe it to myself to get myself out of my comfort zone and consider this another aspect of being a self-published author. Although if I were to be approached with a TV mini-series/movie deal, I would leave the acting to the professional.

My husband has mentioned a few other ideas that are worth considering. He’s willing to help me put together a Press Release Kit. I’d be okay with that if I could keep any interviews to radio/podcast and less visual (TV). It was also suggested that I consider guest blogging. I will admit that I’m not entirely sure what that would entail, but I’m open to it if the opportunity presents itself.

As for sinking more money into ads/promotions, I have to say that I’m done until further notice. The notion of releasing my book wasn’t done as a means of getting rich quick or because I wanted to see my name on a Best Sellers list. I wrote my book as a means of self-healing and working through the trauma I endured 30 years ago as a child. If my book should fall into the hands of another victim of sexual abuse and they are inspired to start healing after reading it, then my job is done. Writing was never about fame and fortune, it was about helping others like myself. Helping them find their voice, helping them break their silence, helping them find closure.

Buy a copy of my book here

P.S. What’s the deal with the resellers on Amazon trying to sell my book for more money and ridiculously high shipping rates. The paperback is PRINT ON DEMAND through Amazon, just buy it through them, save yourself some money. ~ Hannah

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