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Beware of third-party resellers!

Welcome back blog readers,

I happened to click a link to my selling page on Amazon a few moments ago to make sure it worked. The link is fine and I happened to notice that there are a number of third-party resellers also trying to sell my book. Most are a few cents less than the listed price of $14.75 USD but you’ll pay much more in shipping. Then there is one that has listed a price of $137.20+ shipping! Are you kidding me!!! I don’t care how many 5-star ratings you have or how quickly you can ship the product out, that pricing is outrageous and it makes me look like a scammer.

I’ve mentioned this before and it seems worth mentioning again. Any paperback copy (of my book) that you buy from Amazon will be PRINT ON DEMAND, meaning it will always be NEW. They do not have an inventory of multiple copies of my book in their warehouses. I imagine these resellers (should an order be placed through them) will buy the copy through Amazon for $14.75 or maybe slightly less if they have a perk for being a reseller (I don’t know), and they mark up the price in shipping the product to you. But to offer the same product for $137.20+ shipping just makes me angry.

Angry because they are hoping to make money from something I poured my heart into. Angry because they really aren’t providing a better service at a better price to the reader(s). I will change my option on allowing third-party resellers offer my book. Seeing what they are doing doesn’t sit well with me. It’s my name/reputation on the line and I don’t want to be associated with them if they can’t offer a fair price.

If you are considering buying a paperback copy, please go through Amazon and not a third-party reseller. Why go through a middleman when you don’t have to. The only extra copies of my book that exist are sitting in this room with me, not on some shelf in a warehouse. Any paperback copy will always be NEW unless you use the lend/borrow program which I don’t think I am affiliated with.

I’m off to rid myself of the resellers.~ Hannah

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