Time to face the reality

Welcome back blog readers,

I’ve decided it was best for my health to call in and allow myself four days to recover. I knew when I was hired on that this job was temporary, but I was hoping that it would have lasted longer that this. It’s time that I face the reality that while my mind feels like a young 20 something, my back is screaming at me and often feels like it’s 80 years old.

For the last week my back has been spasming/tweaked/stiff which has also been affecting my shoulders and neck which aren’t normally bothered. Before I went back to work in mid June, I was able to maintain a once a month visit with my chiropractor, but as of yesterday I have been there twice in one week with another appointment in two weeks. Not cool and for the cost of each visit ($46 each) it’s not worth working part-time just to add more frequent visits for adjustments.

While I haven’t fully blown my back out again (yet) it certainly feels like it did the last time it happened. I have my resignation letter ready to be handed in on Monday when my next shift is scheduled. I hate quitting, but I have to do what is best for me and my body/health. While it’s easy to say, “Don’t work so hard” it’s not that easy for me. Maybe it’s my sense of pride, maybe it’s the fact that my entire life I’ve been told you can’t and I feel like I have to prove them wrong and that I can. I know myself enough to know that if I see something that needs to be done I will get it done because I don’t like doing things half-assed.

I will own partial blame for pushing myself too hard, but the other portion is my manager that continues to schedule me 3 shifts in a row with one day off and being scheduled 8-hour shifts when my doctor’s note clearly stated that I need shorter shifts with time off in between. Gotta love the employers that demand these notes and don’t follow them. Since my back feels like it’s on the verge of another blowout and my manager still can’t schedule the shifts that will keep me working, then I have to quit before my 90 days is fulfilled.

At least I know that I have made the effort to get back into the workplace. While this news doesn’t sound very chipper, there is a silver lining. I’ll be able to catch up on the bookkeeping for my husband’s business and take on more responsibilities writing content and other tasks for his clients as he expands his business. Working from home, making my own hours and not having the stress for working a typical job.

As one chapter ends another chapter begins. ~ Hannah

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