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Welcome back blog readers,

Besides the fact that my part-time job has been keeping me busy, there isn’t anything new to report. I feel compelled to get a few things off of my chest, maybe I should say give a voice to my inner monologue.

With the recent headlines and my time (countless hours, more than I care to admit) on social media reading comments/views from both sides; I find myself mentally exhausted. I know what you’re thinking, just stay off social media and stop torturing yourself… Easier said than done.

There is a part of me that wishes that I could yell “WAKE UP PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR BLINDERS OFF!” and that would be enough for people to see what the hell is going on. Sadly we are far beyond that point. The people are no longer united, in fact it’s been so long that I don’t recall a time (any period of time) that we as humans lived harmoniously, in peace, not competing against each other or divided.

There is too much corruption in the White House/government/Senate…. FACT

Most government officials/senators have been swayed by large payouts or promises by big companies…. FACT

This means that most of our government isn’t looking out for the people (US taxpayers that pay their salary and elect them into office) but rather they are looking out for themselves and the big companies they are tethered to.

Are these companies making YOUR life better? Are these companies helping to boost the economy in your area? Are the contributions from these companies making you feel safe? Are the contributions from these companies providing you and your family the health care/medications at an affordable cost? Are these companies helping to ensure that you will be able to receive your social security benefits when you’re eligible to claim it?

I bet the answer is NO to all of the above. We don’t elect businesses into office, we elect representatives that should be looking out for the people. Businesses only look out for themselves and the upper senior managers, not the little guys or their families.

Having two parties was a means of maintaining balance, one side should not overrun the other. Now we have a president that fires anyone that doesn’t agree with him and he promotes someone that does to fill that spot. The members of his staff that feel it’s morally wrong to follow the president have resigned and are often replaced with another blind follower.

This president is very active on social media, which is fine except that he’s been allowed to get away with saying vile things about his citizens without consequence. Those that speak against him or bring up something from his past that he has shared willingly is now “Fake News”. Trump speaks against immigrants when his father (his source of wealth) and all three wives are IMMIGRANTS.

History was not my best subject, but I do know that if you claim to be an American and your bloodline is less than 100% native american, then you come from a line if immigrants. That is not an insult, just a fact. I’m all for immigrants escaping their country to start over where they feel safe. Let’s be honest, most of us would do the same if there was a war taking place on US soil, in our back yard.

What I am against is forcefully removing children from their parents and treating them like prisoners and making then defend themselves in court without representation. That is despicable! I don’t want to hear that there isn’t a law that states that we can’t separate children from their (illegal) immigrant parents. I want to hear that the laws are being amended/fixed/changed to help reunite these kids, that we are doing something to expedite the paperwork to bring those families back to their homes because that is the RIGHT thing to do.

I’ve said this before and it’s worth repeating, Just because we’ve done something a certain way FOREVER, doesn’t mean it’s the best way or there isn’t a better solution. Laws can be changed, certain laws need to be changed because we have evolved and honestly it’s long over due. Do we really want to revisit the horrible time in history when Hitler was in power, families were seperated, millions were killed because they disagreed or because of their race (something they had no control over)? If we keep going and not speaking up, not voting, not standing up for what’s right then we might find ourselves right back in that time period but under the ruling of Trump and his Russian mob allies.

It’s bad enough that there is a racist, anti-women, anti-immigrant, rapist accomplice, ego maniac running the show. Is he really the BEST candidate to run the country, can we not find a better more suitable person to represent us? While the MeToo survivor in me feels defeated with the recent events, I will not stay silent, I will keep talking and voicing my opinions because I know that I am not alone in this. I am not the only one that wants change.

Can’t we all agree that both parties have done wrong, that neither is 100% right? Can’t we get passed the idea of being loyal to one party, especially if that party is helping to protect sexual predators and giving them all the green light to keep doing what they have been doing? Can we not agree that rape cases/sexual misconduct/sexual assault cases need to be handled differently? Just because the evidence doesn’t meet the criteria in the courtroom, doesn’t mean that a crime was not committed.

No your sons, husbands, nephews don’t have to wear body cameras or take notes (how absurd) for fear of being falsely accused. SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT AND LEARN THAT NO MEANS NO and DON’T BE A RAPIST, and you won’t have a problem.

Just me venting, hoping that some of this sticks.

Wishful thinking~ Hannah


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