Review of Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor.



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First, I want to thank Hannah Reinbeck for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Hannah Reinbeck is a strong woman to share her story with her readers in Breaking the Cycle of Abuse My Journey from Victim to Survivor. What has not killed Hannah emotionally and mentally through her journey has made her a stronger woman through all of this. Her hopes in writing this book is not only for her healing to begin but to help others in this situation.

Hannah would like to thank her husband for all his support, encouragement, and accepting her for who she is! She thanks him for accepting her for who she is. She thanks him for loving her unconditionally, embracing her flaws and being so patient with her. You have helped her with her self-worth.

Hannah’s story is a powerful one. My hope that by her writing this book and sharing her tale that it could help someone. Maybe someone that also went through something like this and also needs to go through the healing process. This book needs to be shelved in Crisis Services or Psychiatrists offices. I commend Hannah for being brave in writing her story for her readers to read. My bet is that it was not easy to write. This book comes out right at the time that the #MeToo movement is so strong in the media. She mentions that in the book strongly in fact. I happen to agree with everything she touches on

This book gives a detailed background on each of her family member and what role abuse played in their lives. You will hear horror stories of each of the family members and how they impacted Hannah’s life. At the end of the book you will learn what happened to them in their life.

I am a reader with a heart of gold. My heart went out to Hannah on many occasions. I wanted to reach out to her and give her a huge hug. But the men her mom choose to put into her kids lives and the abuse Hannah and Joey suffered was inexcusable. Not to mention Hannah’s Mom was warned about George from a previous wife about him being a Pedophile but she ignored her claims.
As I stated earlier Hannah wrote this book as part of her healing process. However, her Mother does know that this book is written and that she is front and center in it.

Hannah points out the graphic content that may be triggers to some readers a head of time and when the scene is over. I thought that was extremely mindful and thoughtful. Many books of similar topics never point this out. Kudos to Hannah for this.

As readers we get to hear Hannah’s inner thoughts to what she was thinking at the time in the Italics. Many times, I found this to be comic relief for what she was going through. For example, the abuse would always happen when there was a food run.

Hannah shows her readers that she is a survivor. That she had a bad past that affected her and that she is slowly healing however she is moving on past that. That she found an amazing, loving and supporting husband Jay, that she was the first female student to graduate in the automotive field in her school, and that she is now an incredible Cake Decorator.

At the end of this book there National References to various different websites such as RAINN, Canadian Child Center of Protection, ETC.

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  1. This comment came from a reader that sent me a private message. ” I started your book today and couldn’t put it down! I finished it! Thank you so much for your courage in sharing your most personal story. You are inspiring me to confront the demons of my past. You are a true hero in my eyes and I thank you!”

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