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Day 1 of 10, Cruise 2018

Welcome back blog readers,

In order to shake things up and breath new life into this blog; I’ll do my best to share my experiences over the next 12 days.

What’s happening over the next 12 days? Why does the title say 10 but I keep mentioning 12?

I’m indulging in self-care while celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my husband. We are on our 6th cruise since 2016.

Typically we fly down to the cruise port area the day before the cruise is scheduled to disembark. The day we arrive back we are staying in Orlando (normally we book a flight home the same day (hence the 2 extra days).

Our journey started bright and early at 3am. We boarded a short flight from Ottawa to Montreal, from there to Orlando. All of our other cruises started in Fort Lauderdale, but this cruise with Norwegian leaves from Port Canaveral.

We didn’t get much sleep last night, maybe and hour, so we were eager to arrive at the hotel to get a quick nap in. No, nap isn’t code for anything except actually napping.

This cruise will be the start of many firsts for us. First time on this cruise line, new ports of call, first time showing up early enough to not buy dinner out from a vending machine.

Since there isn’t much to report until tomorrow, I’ll come back to share what happens on Day 2.

To be continued…

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