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Dreams and Spiritual Visits

Welcome back blog readers,

The topic of dreams and spiritual visits has been something I’ve been meaning to share, but for one reason or another I haven’t gotten around to it.

Most of us dream each night, some of us have a few dreams each night, and there are some that don’t recall ever dreaming while they are asleep. Dreams (at least mine) either make no sense at all, or they are a part of the few recurring dreams that I have been dealing with since childhood or they are spiritual visits. What’s the difference? I’ll do my best to explain that.

Dreams, the type that makes no sense are typically odd, weird, silly and often you find yourself in a scenario in which your brain is trying to process what it senses while you are sleeping. Maybe the movie, TV show, last song that you heard or what you were thinking about before you fell asleep gets distorted and plays out in your dream. I’ve had several, and it’s this type of dreaming that is most common. A few moments after I’ve opened my eyes and realize I’m safe in my bed at home, the details of the dream starts to fade.

Just the other night, I kept hearing this loud repetative noise in my dream (not knowing I was dreaming) and I kept trying to find the source of this noise. I’m sure there was more to what I was experiencing in the dream, but this is all that I can recall now. Anyway, as I’m starting to wake up, the noise continues. Once I’m aware of my surroundings and the situation I realize the noise was coming from one of our pugs, she’s sharing my pillow and snoring in my ear. We have a little pug that snores like a lumberjack sawing logs.

Recurring Dreams are those dreams that tend to play out the same way over and over again. These dreams are meant to let you know that there is something that you should try to resolve in real life. Once you find a way to resolve whatever the issue is, these dreams should stop popping up. If you haven’t experienced these types of dreams, consider yourself lucky and blessed.

Recurring dreams can also be Night Terrors or Nightmares because they tend to be scary and unpleasant. These types of dreams are often brought on by stress, anxiety, guilt, trauma, abuse or any various reasons that my cause you to worry or trigger fear.

Sadly, I have loads of experience with recurring dreams, about 30 years worth.

Here’s a link worth checking out as many recurring dreams are listed here and the interpretation may help you to resolve whatever is holding you back.


Here are some of the recurring dreams that I’ve had, some I still do but thankfully not as often as I used to.

  1. Teeth falling out. Most of the time there is no warning that my tooth or several teeth are loose in the dream. I start talking and feel something isn’t right, realize a tooth just fell out. I find a sink to rinse my mouth out, swishing water around and more teeth fall into the sink. I feel emabarrased and try to excuse myself from whatever social situation I’m in while the dream continues. I wake up and instinctively check my mouth…
  2. Being Chased. Sometimes I know who’s chasing me, other times I don’t see a face, but I know that they mean to do me harm and I have to run, hide, escape and do what it takes to survive. Sometimes I’m able to lose whoever is chasing me, other times it leads to me having to defend myself, sometimes I inflict the wounds and other times I am injured and have been on the verge of dying before I wake up.
  3. Trying to run/walk but feeling like I’m moving in super slow motion while everything around me is moving at a normal pace. This tends to show up in the dreams where I’m being chased or running from something.
  4. Searching for bathroom. This dream is so frustrating because in my dream I really need to use a bathroom, but every single time, the toilets are gross, broken, the stalls are in use, or if I find a working clean tiolet the door is missing from the stall and I’m forced to do my business with other random people watching me. They don’t seem to care as they feel compelled to walk over and chat with me while I’m sitting on the throne trying not to make eye contact. I just want to pee/poop in peace, give me 2 minutes, is what I want to scream, but I never do. I wake up and check my bed because I’m worried that I actually wet the bed. I haven’t…. yet but I’ll tell you the feeling in the dream, it’s so real it’s no wonder that I haven’t actually soiled the bed. I think those dreams come on when I truly do have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and my brain is trying to wake me up and alert me. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but this is the one that pops up the most.
  5. Calling for help. Another dream that is frustrating. In these dreams I find myself in danger, need help or trying to warn someone of a situation. I find a phone or cell phone and I know the number I want to dial, but as I’m pushing the numbers, I misdial, skip a number, accidentally hang up or if I happen to get lucky enough for the call to go through, my message is interrupted or there is a bad connection and what I need to say never gets delivered.
  6. My ex (husband). Since I made the choice to leave that marriage due to his narcissistic behavior and enduring financial abuse, he shows up as a recurring dream. He always wants to get back together and I keep refusing his advances. I often find myself in our house, sometimes the house is how I remember it, other times the house feels familiar and I’m sneaking around as I collect the items I left behind. He always catches me and assumes I’m there because I want to get back together. As the scenario plays out, I know that I have remarried I’m aware that my new husband exists and I’m happy. The dream usually ends with me pushing my ex off of me and I never leave with what I went to the house to get. I never know what it is that I’m supposed to get, but I feel that I would know it when I see it. This dream doesn’t pop up as often as it used to.
  7. Houses- My grandmother’s house where I spent most of my childhood. My house that I shared with my ex-husband as explained above. My foster home where I lived from the age of 9 to 13. The House of Chaos (if you haven’t read my book, you won’t understand the reference) where I lived from the age of 13 to 18. Those houses all pop up from time to time. Most of the time they appear exactly as I remember them, other times they look different, but I recognize the feeling and know where I am. In these dreams I’m feeling nostalgic, walking through, sometimes those that lived there are also making an appearance and I feel like I’m searching for something. Again, I don’t know what exactly, but I have a sense that I’ll know it when I see it. I have yet to find what I’m looking for. This is one recurring dream that I have found closure.
  8. False Awakenings- The very realistic feeling that you have come out of your dream state, you are at home and everything appears completely normal. You have converstations with your spouse, you can hear everything in the background, you truly believe that you are awake and carrying on with your day. But you’re still asleep and it’s like having an out of body experience. When you do actually wake up, you have a deja vu moment and find yourself wondering if what you experienced really happened, it felt real, nothing was odd or out of place. I tend to experience these false awakenings when I’m napping.

Spiritual Visits– These are dreams in which a family member or friend that has passed on shows up in your dreams. I call them spiritual visits, to me that is exactly what they are. If you are lucky enough to realize that you are in fact being visited, you may get questions answered, you may get a sense of closure, you may even get a warning about your health or a premonition about what life has in store for you. My experience with these spiritual visits is that I while I recognize the family member or friend while I’m dreaming, I don’t always clue in that they have passed on in real life. Other times I am able to make that distinction (lucid dreaming) and I do my best to really listen and hopefully remember what they share as spiritual visits tend to have a message attached or offer closure.

For the most part, those that have passed on appear in my dreams exactly as I remember them, with the exception of my father. I was 5 years old the last time I saw him (35 years ago) so his appearance changes and it takes me a bit longer to realize that it’s him. I had a visit from him a few months ago that felt very real. I woke up in tears, happy tears as I could still feel his hug and I was able to make peace with him.

Last night I was visited by a few people, sadly I don’t recall all of the details but what I do remember is saying goodbye and giving a farewell hug to my father, two other people that I don’t recall and my friend, Bill. I was able to keep my composure until I got to Bill. I gave him a big hug and told him that I knew saying goodbye would be difficult because I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye when he passed in real life. I remember thanking him for his visit before waking up.

That seems to be my curse in life, a complete lack of closure when it comes to people I know passing away without having the opportunity to say goodbye. This is something that has bothered me my entire life. Each time I wake up from these spiritual dreams I always thank my family member or friend for the visit as it takes effort on their part to make such a connection. While they may not have a message, it is nice to see them again.

As far as spiritual visits are concerned, you are free to believe what you want. I don’t practice any particular religion. You might think I’m crazy and that’s fine. I choose to share my experiences, no matter how awkward, weird, uncomfortable they may come across. Trust me, I know how some of this sounds. If you have an open mind and truly believe that your loved ones that have passed on can make a connection with you as you sleep, you may start experiencing your own spiritual visits. Those by far are the best dreams, in my opinion.

“Love never dies.” – Blair Robertson

Sweet Dreams ~ Hannah

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