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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again!  Do you know what to get your special someone? Have you planned this day out in advanced or are you the last minute shopper?

Hopefully I can shed a little light on the subject for you last minute shoppers, who may be unsure what to get for your significant other. I am not just talking to the men here, Valentine’s Day wasn’t meant for just the ladies.

The first guideline to Valentine’s Day is,… If your wife or girlfriend says not to bother getting her something, that should be a big red flag to make sure you HAVE a gift. You can never go wrong with flowers or a box of chocolates, well unless she has allergies, but you should at least have a card and a cute stuffed animal. Trust me, the fact that you didn’t make the effort will come back to haunt you.

This goes for you too ladies.  Many guys may not want flowers sent to their office, and they may not want to admit it, but they like to get gifts too. Even though most of the advertising is aimed at “what to get her”, our men like to feel loved and appreciated as well.

So here are a few gift ideas for both genders, depending on how long you’ve been in a relationship:

6 months or less…. At this stage of your relationship, things are fairly new and you don’t want to send the wrong message. Gift ideas for this stage are the traditional gifts like flowers, a box of chocolates, a gift basket since you have a better chance of personalizing the contents, a Valentine’s day card just be careful of the wording, you don’t want to scare your Valentine away, baked goods in a nice tin or wrapped in decorative paper is always a thoughtful gift.

6 months to 1 year…. Now that you two are feeling a little more comfortable and have had the chance to get to know your Valentine, here are a few gift ideas:  How about dinner and a movie, she will enjoy getting her favorite lotion or a scented candle,  or perhaps bubble bath gift set,while he will enjoy getting his favorite cologne/after shave, or take him shopping at his favorite store. Of course any one of these gifts when combined with any “traditional” gift will be a good idea.

1 year and up… At this stage you have many options. You could plan a nice romantic weekend away, treat your Valentine to a day of pampering at a Day Spa, or breakfast in bed, jewelry is always a nice touch, Is your Valentine a golfer or camper, or just likes to be outdoors? Maybe they could use some new equipment or tools. Do you feel comfortable enough to shop for lingerie together? That’s a win/win for both parties!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and take the less “traditional” path. Home made gifts and cards will say more than most store bought gifts.  For those of you that aren’t afraid to show your creative side, By using index cards or construction paper with magic markers, you can make your Valentine a dozen Personalized Coupons. Coupons that can be redeemed for Breakfast in bed, or Having a Bubble Bath prepared, or a Massage before bed, a night with the guys to watch the big game, you get the idea! The point is to be thoughtful and show your Valentine just how much they are loved.

Don’t be shy, ask your friends and family for ideas and get the children involved.  Let the children pick out a gift or make something special. Plan ahead with friends/family to look after the kids for a night or weekend, so you can have some “alone” time with your Valentine!

Here are a few links to help you decide what to get your Valentine…

This concludes my Valentine’s Day entry.

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