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Amazon Royalties, 2018


For those inquiring minds that are curious as to what the average Indie Author earns in royalties, here’s your sneak peek.

This information came right from my KDP/Reports/Payments page. My book was officially released for sale on Amazon on June 28, 2018.

Date: June 1- June 30, 2018       Paid: August 29, 2018                Payout Amount:  0.44 CAD

Date: July 1- July 31, 2018         Paid: September 29, 2018         Payout Amount: $4.50 CAD

Date: July 1- July 31, 2018         Paid: September 29, 2018         Payout Amount:  0.30 CAD

Date: July 1- July 31, 2018         Paid: September 29, 2018         Payout Amount: $12.78 CAD

Date: July 1- July 31, 2018         Paid: September 29, 2018         Payout Amount: $4.44 CAD

Date: Oct 1- Oct 31, 2018           Paid: December 29, 2018          Payout Amount: $5.79 CAD

Date: Dec 1- Dec 31, 2018          Paid: February 28, 2019            Payout Amount: $6.48 CAD

Total Payout: $34.75 CAD


The smaller amounts less than $1.00 are from Kindle Unlimited downloads where I earn a small percentage from each page that has been read (flipped/swiped). The other amounts are from the paperback and Kindle ebook sales that were not part of any free promotion. Downloads from those promotions don’t earn any royalties. Due to the currency conversion from USD to CAD, I lost out on $4.40.

In the last 9 months, my book has reached 47 readers through Amazon, with 37 of those being free downloads. While it’s not enough to retire, I’m still proud to have my story out there and available for those that need to hear it. Writing for me was never about making millions from, it’s more important that I’m able to make a difference in the lives of others.

I have committed to helping other survivors by donating 25% of all proceeds from Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor, to RAINN. RAINN does not endorse or promote me in any way.

For any of you that are considering writing a book in the non-fiction/memoir genre, I encourage you to do so. Just know that this genre doesn’t receive as much attention unless your story has made headlines, national news, or you are a celebrity/have celebrity connections, a known public figure, a real-life hero or fall victim to the “starving artist” and become popular only after you die. That last statement is my opinion, based on nothing more than my own experience.

Write because it makes you happy. Write without limitations or stressing over your word count. Write if you find it therapeutic and it soothes your soul. Write because your story has yet to be told.

Anyway, I thought this was worth sharing. I don’t know if this goes against the author code, or if there is even an author code. Frankly, I’m not looking for approval. I have nothing to hide, my life is an open book, literally. I’m just your shorter than average person, working part-time and promoting my book as best as I can because I know it’s worth it.

Keep writing, keep those creative juices flowing! ~ Hannah





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