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This Author is open to Interviews

Welcome back blog readers,

After much thought and deliberation, I thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone and offer to be interviewed as a way of self-promotion and raising awareness when it comes to childhood sexual abuse.

When I say interview, I’m thinking more of an online/virtual sense, not putting a camera in my face with a studio audience because I don’t do well under that kind of pressure.

If you are conducting research about childhood sexual abuse and want to talk to an adult survivor, I am open to sharing my story and answering your questions.

If you’d like to interview me for your blog or maybe a podcast, I am open to that as well.

Anyone interested, please feel free to contact me here by leaving a comment on this post, on my facebook page or on Twitter where this post is published.

Thank You for your consideration, I look forward to working with you.

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