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#1 Best Selling List on Amazon!

Screenshot_2019-03-17 Amazon Best Sellers Best Sexual Abuse

I woke up this morning, excited to check my stats from the Free Kindle Promotion that I’ve been running to find that the number of downloads had tripled overnight and they were still coming in strong this morning.

I have been assured by Amazon that my promotion is running on all of their platforms so the downloading will continue until 11:59pm Pacific Time tonight.

You can imagine my surprise when I noticed that my book had reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Selling List, Top 100 Free, Sexual Abuse. Not only that but my book is also #9 under the Memoir category!

Screenshot_2019-03-17 Amazon Best Sellers Best Memoirs

For anyone that is interested in getting a FREE Kindle copy of my book, please use the link below. I am over the moon about reaching this milestone! Thank you to all of my readers, this achievement would not have happened if not for all of you!


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