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Author Spotlight- And A Meadowlark Sang: Goddess Durga (Book 1) by Jen Pretty

The world demands balance….
…The great goddess Durga demands it at the tip of her sword.

Vampires live in hiding. Mostly in harmony with humans, but there is a small number of vampires who unsettle the world, killing the innocent.
Lark is a simple yoga instructor but has always had a terrifying ability to see the creatures of the night who walk among humans. She knows her life is in danger if she lets her talent be known.
Nobody saw the great goddess coming until the balance tipped too far, and then it was too late.
Too late for the vampires and too late for Lark to slink back into the shadows.
The goddess Durga has risen.  All those who defy her will pay the price, and Lark will be the hand that wields her sword.
If you love high-action Urban fantasies with a slow-burn romance, then you will love this first installment of The Goddess Durga series.
Buy And a Meadowlark Sang to start the adventure today.


“I so enjoyed the plot on this book that I had to get the 2nd one.” — Amazon reviewer.

“New take on vampire hunters. Fun & exciting.” — Amazon reviewer.

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Hannah Reinbeck, Readers’ Choice 2019 Best Local Author Winner (Gold).

Welcome back blog readers,

There is a bit of news that I am excited to share with all of you. The results of the Best Local Author have been announced, here’s the link.

This is quite an honor considering that I came out publicly a few months ago as a local author. While my book has been available online for two years now, I’ve only maintained an online presence up until January of this year.

Having coming forward publicly/locally has been very rewarding, not only as an author but personally. Once a few co-workers caught wind that there was an author among them, word spread like wildfire. Since my debut/ first local appearance at the Author Showcase in February, I have sold 10 paperback copies (private sales) of my book during the month of March (to co-workers), making March 2020 the best month for sales, so far.

While selling 10 copies in one month may not sound like a lot, it’s not about the number of sales that was ever important to me; but rather the conversations that are prompted once the reader finishes my book. Four of those readers have a personal connection and share a similar experience. Three of those readers have a daughter, a niece, a family member that is trying to cope with the trauma they endured and are recommending my book as a means of helping them through a tough time. One reader is a mother and wants her oldest daughter to read my book so she can be aware of the potential dangers of teenage dating and learn how to recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship.

It’s that kind of support and recognition that helps to validate that sharing my experience as an adult of childhood sexual abuse worth the effort.

To all of you that have purchased a copy of Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor, Thank You! To all of you that took a moment to cast your vote for me, Thank You! To those of you that opted to leave a review or rate my book on Amazon or Goodreads, I appreciate each one, Thank You!

That’s the Author News for now. ~ Hannah

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Author Spotlight- Hidden Power: Princess of Kerehba Book One by Samantha Harris

This week in the Author Spotlight is this #fiction #sorcery #EpicFantasy Hidden Power: Princess of Kerehba Book One, by Samantha Harris.

Rachel was crazy. That’s what everyone told her. She was seeing and hearing things that no one else could. That’s the definition of mental illness, isn’t it?

While confined to a mental hospital, she meets an orderly that actually treats her with respect and kindness. She feels so comfortable with him that she tells him about the hallucinations that she hides from her doctor. Hallucinations of fighting monsters, flaming swords, and magical powers.

She soon learns that her hallucinations are actually memories, reminders of a forgotten life. Rachel must quickly remember that life so that she can return home to Kerehba and save her people from a madman who has been oppressing the land and enslaving its citizens for close to 700 years.

The closer she gets to the evil she must fight; the more blood is spilled and the more obstacles she must overcome. Many support her in her cause, but ultimately the responsibility of fighting the evil madman is hers and hers alone. Will her power be strong enough to defeat someone who can level mountains?


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Author Spotlight- A Midwinter Night’s Dream: The Broccoli, The Stilton, and the Haystack by Samuel J. White

A book like nothing you have read before. In the strangest of situations. Naked and cold, Strangers Rob and Kat are entwined together both physically and through a series of shared dreams as they try to keep each other warm after a bizarre incident. Flashing between a deadly situation in the present and heartwarming dreams of the future. They must figure out what’s really going before it’s too late. A twisting romantic mystery with comedy and tragedy, ghosts and angels. A story to give hope to anyone who is lonely.

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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight- Darkness Sleeping: Origins of Morgana Le Fay by Jen Pretty

This week in the Author Spotlight is an indie author and personal friend of mine, Jen Pretty.

Magic won’t abide innocence…

…and Morgana’s time of innocence is long past.

Searching for a home, Morgana treks through the wilderness to find the convent where she plans to spend the rest of her days. Circumstance or maybe destiny has other plans.

Accompanied only by her horse, she races away from certain death and straight into the jaws of fate looking for a land she knows only by name: Avalon.

Magic and power come with deadly consequences and she will have to decide if she is ready to risk everything to get what she needs, or accept her punishment and never find her birthright.

Morgana knows one thing: something dark is sleeping inside her…

…and waking that darkness may be the only way to save her life.

What early reviewers are saying:


“An exciting and entertaining read”

“Excellent take on an old theme”

Here’s the link to Jen Pretty’s webite for more information about her and her other books.