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The Truth About Leaving an Emotionally Abusive Relationship.




Domestic Abuse, Mental Abuse, Mental Illness, PTSD, Sexual Abuse, Speaking from Experience, Stigma/Taboo, Victims of sexual abuse/sexual assualt

The Link Between Abuse, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Domestic violence has long been linked to mental health conditions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But the stress of trauma can contribute to physical ailments, one of which is…

Source: The Link Between Abuse, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

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Strength in Numbers~ Peer Support


Welcome back blog readers,

Yesterday I created a new group on facebook, Strength in Numbers~ Peer Support. Over the last week I’ve been exchanging comments with other victims/survivors of abuse and I realized that maybe we need a platform to continue talking, rather than blowing up another account user’s personal page.

Anyone (male/female) that has endured sexual abuse, domestic abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse or has been manipulated by a narcissist is welcome to join. The group is set to Closed Group, which means that the group name can be searched, but the discussion and the members can only be seen by other members.

I remember how I felt during the last year of my first marriage, I had been isolated from any friends/family thanks to my narcissistic husband. He would hover over my shoulder anytime he thought I was chatting with someone, he went through my emails and chat logs to make sure I wasn’t speaking ill of him, or cheating (which I was often accused of, but never did). He had full control over the finances and could spend as much as he wanted while I received $20/week after depositing my paycheck (worked full time).

Long story short, I remember feeling very helpless because I didn’t have anyone to turn to for help, nobody to talk to, the only people around was his immediate family. While they loved me, they turned a blind eye and didn’t want to get involved in our marriage even though they could see how miserable he was making my life.

So yeah, I understand that those of us in this situation need a place to vent, need someone to just listen and reassure us that we are not the crazy one in the relationship, because we are often made to feel that we are (if you’re with a narcissist). I recognize that not all of us can leave the house, not all of us have the funds to pay for professional help, not all of us have a support group within walking distance. The Strength in Numbers~ Peer Support page is my solution for that.

The Strength in Numbers~ Peer Support page offers a list of resources so that our members can seek assistance, talk to professionals, make a plan to leave their home if they feel unsafe and find legal help or a shelter in their area.

I encourage our members to share their written work, poetry, books they’ve written on this matter, share books that have helped them heal, drawings, paintings, links to their blog. Writing for me has proven to be therapeutic and I suspect this may be true for other members. Strength in Numbers~ Peer Support is a platform that promotes healing and offers a safe place for victims/survivors of abuse to support and encourage each other.

There are no fees to join, you don’t have to participate unless you are comfortable enough to share. You can sit back and learn from the experiences of other members or if you want to private message me, that is also an option. Please keep in mind that I’m not logged in 24/7 and I work part-time, but I will reply as soon as I am available to give you my undivided attention.

You are not alone! You deserve better!

I’m happy to listen and help if I can.~ Hannah