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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor

Elona Washington
5.0 out of 5 stars

March 21, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition


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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, Hannah Reinbeck

Here’s the full length review from Aimee Ann:

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, Hannah Reinbeck


Abuse & Substance Abuse, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction

The author shares her perspective as a victim of childhood sexual abuse and how those traumatic events changed her life. Follow Hannah on her self-healing journey as she relives her trauma to break down the emotional barricades that have been holding her back. It’s not every day that you come across a gripping story told from this point of view. While the details of her childhood are heartbreaking, Hannah is candid about her experiences; while allowing a bit of her sense of humor to shine through. 

The author’s message is clear; Time’s Up! Break the silence, seek closure and start the healing process. Hannah’s story would serve as an excellent resource for mental health professionals and will provide inspiration for others that have endured a similar trauma.

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse is a moving, poignant and inspiring story courtesy of the author Hannah Reinbeck who throughout her book narrates the story of her life and her self-healing journey and what the reader will read is eye-opening as well as incredibly moving. The journey the reader is taken on is an emotional, sometimes upsetting but it is an inspiring story above all that will move and touch its readers from start to finish. Breaking the Cycle of Abuse is a unique book because it is a memoir that is also a self-help guide for those that have had similar experiences as Hannah and that is one of the many qualities I love about Breaking the Cycle of Abuse and why I believe every reader should have the pleasure of it.

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse is an enlightening, honest and incredible memoir/self-help book courtesy of an exceptional woman. Hannah’s tale is harrowing, poignant and inspiring and she will take her readers on the journey of her life and how she healed herself. The result of this book is touching as well as inspiring and will inspire many readers, and so I have to implore everybody to read this impressive book as you will not regret it.

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse is a phenomenal book that will introduce the reader to the narrator and focus of the story, Hannah Reinbeck. Hannah had experienced sexual abuse as a child, and in her book, she shares her experiences, how they shaped her life, but how ultimately she healed herself and uses her journey to help others heal too. The book is perfect for those that have experienced some form of abuse as Hannah will share how she overcome her abuse, but even if you have not personally experienced abuse, you will still love this book. You will love it because Hannah is an inspirational woman and her journey of healing can be useful for all readers who are looking to overcome past trauma and to heal. That is why I recommend this book to all readers as it truly is wonderful and Hannah’s story needs to be read and appreciated.

Hannah Reinbeck’s story is one of the most shocking but inspirational stories I have ever read. Hannah’s journey is upsetting at points, and although the events throughout this book are hard-hitting, the primary feeling associated with this book is inspiration as Hannah’s courage and determination to pursue healing and overcome her circumstances and find peace is truly beautiful.

Hannah’s story is incredible, it is, of course, harrowing, especially when she informs the reader of her abuse and the many things she experienced  but when Hannah takes the reader beyond this and to the present and her current successes, the reader can’t help but think that this is an incredibly inspirational tale and that is exactly how I felt.

Hannah Reinbeck is an incredible woman for many reasons, but one of the reasons she is so wonderful is because she brazenly shares her story to help readers and to speak her truth. I adore how Hannah did not hold back on the details of hardships, she poignantly writes about all the difficulties she has endured, and it makes for profound reading. The reader won’t be able not to admire Hannah for all that she has been through and all that she has accomplished; she indeed is an inspirational woman, and I adored her tale.

Overall Breaking, the Cycle of Abuse, is an incredibly inspirational and honest tale. It takes a lot for a person to be so honest and to tell their tale so I admire Hannah for doing just this and sharing her tale in the hope that she can help others. As Breaking the Cycle of Abuse is one of the most inspirational tales I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much; I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Breaking the Cycle of Abuse. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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Spotlight Book Review of Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor

Here’s the full review from Chynna Laird:

Welcome to our Thursday segment.

In keeping with our theme for this week, we’re going to do a review of a book written by an abuse survivor. Hannah Reinbeck bravely shares her story of childhood sexual abuse and neglect in her memoir, Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey From Victim to Survivor. Stories such as Hannah’s are so important to have out there because these issues happen a lot more often than we are either willing to realize or accept. Sure, there literally thousands, if not more, of people’s stories out there in book form, articles, blog posts or even woven into the lines of poetry. Movies and television shows have touched on it, even in music. So how, then, with all of these sources of real-life accounts of people’s personal depictions of abuse and neglect, can these things still be happening? That’s the main question Hannah is seeking to answer with her book.

Hannah begins her journey by introducing the reader to her mother, who seemed to have enough of her own issues even before she decided to have children. This is a woman who obviously needed some sort of support and guidance herself before she could be the mother all mothers strive to be. The most dangerous aspect is that she got into relationships that were not only harmful to her but even moreso for her children. For example, leaving children alone with a man who not only had a drinking problem but also an abnormal fascination with young girls was, in the most polite wording, simply bad parenting. Hannah tried talking about her discomfort with her mother’s partner, even before the abuse happened, but her worries were pushed aside. Until the sexual abuse started.

It wasn’t until her abuser was caught in the act, and it was brought to the attention of her mother, did any sort of acknowledgment take place. Hannah’s mother took her to the hospital where she was checked out and it was confirmed such abuse took place, but there never seemed to be any remorse on her mother’s part. In fact, she didn’t seem to have any true realization of fault her part for neglecting to ensure the safety or security of her child. This led Hannah and her brother down a lifetime of experiences they never should have had to if the situation had been handled better.

Book Cover

Hannah and her brother were removed from their mother’s care and put into Foster Care. This should have been a relief on some part as they would finally be in a safe, caring environment where they could heal enough to enjoy the rest of their childhoods. Not only were Hannah and her brother separated and put into different Foster Homes, but the homes they were sent to weren’t much better than the one they were removed from. And on top of that, their mother was forced to give up her parental rights. They weren’t given any sort of counseling or support, they weren’t assigned a Child Advocate and there didn’t seem to be any sort of follow up visits to ensure that Hannah and her brother were thriving in their temporary placements. Despite the terrible events her mother allowed to happen to her children, she was still their mother. Imagine how excruciating it must have been to not only lose your main parent but also to be floating in a system, waiting for a permanent home, because most people want to adopt babies and may not have room for siblings.

This led to Hannah basically living the rest of her life in survival mode. What this means is that when a person is hurt at the very core of their soul, it makes potentially happy and positive things almost scary. It’s harder to trust, to believe there is good in you, to be open to new people or situations or to let others close to you. You build up a wall so high and so strong, it makes it impossible for people who truly care to break through. And you inadvertently repeat negative cycles because it’s all you know and where you feel most accepted (such as being in her ‘chaos house’ as a child, then being moved to a different version of it then facing it in yet another way after she got married).

I applaud Hannah for being one of the few who has never given in to the crutches that can tempt you to cope in maladaptive ways. She hasn’t turned to any sort of substance nor has she used her childhood trauma as an excuse not to keep trying to move forward. Don’t get me wrong. That level of abuse and neglect are felt forever, even with proper assistance. And she doesn’t say that she’ll never get help. She says she knows its there for her and she’ll seek it out when she’s ready. That’s an amazing thing.

This memoir doesn’t just focus on the abuse itself. It shows what happens to the person after the act. Just because a child is physically removed from the direct situation doesn’t mean they are properly equipped to deal with all of the aftermath. Child abuse interferes with development, friendships, relationships as well as personal growth. By sharing her story, she is showing the importance of ensuring that every child in the same situation has at least one strong, positive, loving, nurturing person right there with them for all the steps they face on their road to recovery.

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse is a great addition to anyone’s personal resource bookshelf. Having a voice you aren’t afraid to be heard and making others aware of these issues is critical in making this stop. And those who are going through this, or who are trying to go on after it, need these stories if for no other reason than to know they aren’t alone.


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Review of Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: My Journey from Victim to Survivor- By Hannah Reinbeck

Book Cover

February 3, 2019

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Courageous and Inspiring- What a strong young lady to come forward and share her experience. Hannah’s family gave up on her, but she never gave up on herself. Not only does this author share her traumatic experience, but she shares the warning signs and behaviors to watch out for if you suspect abuse might be taking place. I think it’s admirable that this author is donating a portion of the proceeds to charity to help other survivors, like herself. – H.Daly